About Me

Mindy Tamaccio, owner of Makeup Studio, Inc., is a veteran makeup designer with over 25 years of experience. She provides makeup and organization services to private clients in the Greater Philadelphia Area, and teaches classes to students who are looking to master the art of professional makeup application. 

    Mindy has been the makeup artist and stylist for Comcast Sports Network for over a decade, giving her a deep insight into what makes someone look fabulous on and off camera. She uses her tricks of the trade on her wide variety of clients, including high profile celebrities and Philadelphians who need to look their best when attending a special event. They are continually impressed with how Mindy's makeup techniques enhance their natural beauty. Whether helping a bride prepare for her wedding day, conducting makeup artist workshops and seminars, serving as the make up artist for Comcast Sports Network or working on a photo shoot, Mindy is dedicated to helping people look and feel their most beautiful.